fine! what can i say just now, sgt2 takut to see my second semester result.sumpah,cuak giler.hopefully lulus semua subjek and dpt pointer lebih baik dari sem lepas..ntahlah,4 da 2nd sem nie,subjek killer yg betul2 menikam dada aq nie ialah human resource management.i dunt know why kepala otak aq nie agak xbuleyh terima dgn subjek nie.mintak maaf lah klo lecturer sakit hati baca jwpn aq.hahahhaha.next,favourite subjek aq of coz lah financial management and operation management.sorry,i didn't fallin in love too much to marketing subject even though i am the marketing student as well.hehehehe.subjek finance tuh sbb calculation which is i am addicted with it.operation management pulak sbb lecturer nye kot even the subject quite bored but seems like i do score more on this subject.but,.badly said that i do not perform well both papers.finance tuh x penah2 format soalan mcm gitu tetibe aq terasa nak pitam time jwb.i feel like yes,aq gagal utk dpt A 4 this subject.operation management plak xpenah2 keluar sampai 7soalan and kena jwb semua dlm masa 3jam.honestly, i feel give up,memang down teramat sgt sbb x dpt perform well pada favourite subject.but but but,,ain ain..nak buat lagu mane ceq oi!.just see your result.after that,analyze on dat either you deserve to get that or not.what can i say.insyallah,ALLAH akn tolong ain. hope that i can collect as much as i can the capital A for this 2nd semester result.amin. :)

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