"do the right things,do the things right"

assalamualaikum dan hye people.
yurp, got an idea to share with korang.
it something related to my experience during this internship.
kindly about few weeks je untuk memegang title budak prektikal.hohoho.
first thing first, let us know how are exactly the different meaning of this words.
at the end, the results will be the same but i think this two meaning referring to either the thing that we done is efficient or effectively.

contohnya : (situasi berlaku sepanjang prektikal aku) .kindly like to share with korang.

 1) "ain, pergi amek kunci dekat kak ****".
okeyh, kalau kita jenis yang do the right things : kita terus kan je pergi amek kunci .
but if kita do the things right: kita akan tanye kunci ni mne satu if dia bagi gugusan (bunch of keys) takkan nak try satu satu just to open up the room.
*aku belajar dari senior executive operation. he is so freaking humble. lepas je aku amek kunci tuh, dia tanya "ain tanya tak kuncinye yang mana satu?". so,conclusionnya, dont simply buat kerja tu kasi settle without doing it in a simple way.

2)kalau kena photocopy (fotostat ayat straight forward),hahaha.
arahan nya cam gini : buat copy nie 5 set, 1set=100+ pages, but ade yang kena susun dulu. print dulu from computer.
kalau kita jenis bendul or angguk je dalam menerima arahan  kita buat cam gini : print terus dari pc 5set 5 set, pastu jenuh nak susun semula.
kalau kita apply kan concept do the things right : kita akan print 1 copy, rearrange it and photocpy the others. see, how efficient we completed it our task.

3)kena follow up / update the client
ain, nk mintak tlg call kan client client nieyh, bla bla blaaa...(kena update about 20+ client)
take it in a simple way, always have a back up plan if you are not be able to answer what the client asking to you. so, aku akan tanya sebanyak mungkin and predict what the reaction of clients before aku follow up with them. why? sebab kau represent company kau. kalau kau cakap benda yang xclear, benda yang salah, kau kena tembak plus your supervisor also.

so, penutupnya.. sometimes kite kena jadi "bontot ayam" (bahasa kasaq aku selalu guna) or mulut murai so that we know what we did it in a simple matter, plus,we sometimes need to be cerewet or particular on the task that we did it because at the end, the results will be satisfy you. hampa sume belajaq kan teori hierarchy maslow kan cm mne.. so, apply it lah okeyh.btw, sorry kalau ayat aku macam rojak or maybe tauhu bakar favorite aku tuh.

see you then ,
budak prektikal poyo. :)

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