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TROVE Johor Bahru is NOW OPEN!


TROVE Johor  Bahru, part of Care Luxury Hotels & Resorts (CLHR), today announced the brand's first-of-its-kind collaboration with 2 local Johor artists. The collaboration, aptly named Project Local Love, features two distinctive artworks that pays homage to the local heritage of arts and crafts in pop art style. Unveiled for the first time on 16th September during the hotel's soft launch, each of the 95 themed Standard Rooms at TROVE features one of 2 murals, further enhancing guests' stay experience. The subject of each piece centers around local music, delicacies and architecture, helping guests discover their destination through the brand's philosophy: Experiences Unconfined.

"We are thrilled to partner with both artists, Mulo and Jaie Ramlee. Each individual work is inspired by the rich heritage of Johor," said Ian Gan, Director Representative for Care Luxury Hotels & Resorts. "The collaborative effort with such celebrated local artists conveys a very unique story in an unexpected way, offering our curious and creative-minded guests a richer experience and a new lens to unlock the local destination."

Samantha Liew, General Manager of TROVE Johor Bahru, added, "We are pleased to partner with all 2 artists to enrich our guets' experience. TROVE is devoted to fostering local connections, adding a layer of culture and artistry to its local heritage. This collaboration also alludes to the fact that, in each destination, there are unlimited opportunities for discovery."

"With its passion for arts and culture, the TROVE brand is an ideal platform to share our inspirations and aspirations for art, bringing them to an audience that appreciates modern aesthetics and the emotions they evoke," said Mulo, from Rumah Ikan Kolektif, an art collective made up of art and visual professionals based in Johor Bahru. "Our work with TROVE embodies our joint appreciation of Johor Bahru and its diverse local culture, as well as the magic that lies behind the discovery of new placesmin greater depth."
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The christmas celebration

Visualizing Music through Mulo's 'Local Echo'

Mulo is Malaysian based, self-taught artist, designer, from Johor Bahru. He has been working for numerous creative agencies over the course of 5 years, before becoming a fulltime freelance artist in 2018. Mulo is known for his manga-inspired illustrations, notably the vivid burst of colours combined with his signature touch of local flair- sometimes you'll get to see nusantara warriors and kapcai bikes appearing in his illustrations.

Inspired by music,robots, sci-fi, anime, manga, Japan, tribes, childlike imagination, subcultures and anomalies, Mulo is also known for designing art and creating imaginative character work for businesses such as AirAsia, ISetan, JB Arts Festival, Kult Magazine and JOHO.

His artwork titled Local Echo raises the question- what is life without music? "The sound of our own heritage should always echo in our minds. Be it classical, folk, or even contemporary, traditional music has always brought joy to our ancestor's ears even since the pre-colonial era" Mulo explains. He also adds that the artwork is a "dedication of love and a show of respect towards classical instruments such as kompang, tabla, gambus, and pifa, with every note forever resonating in our hearts."
trove johor bahru
One of the nice decoration rooms at TROVE

Amalgamation of Past and Present through Jaie Ramlee's ' A Glance of Memory'

Jaie Ramlee started her career as an illustrator and designer in her hometown of Batu Pahat, Johor. She captures the essence of anything that interest her by sketching as it translates words and emotion into visuals. "My sketchbook is both my best friend and my tutor" she said, adding that she finds sketching as the best way to generate ideas and improve her skills.

Her mural, dubbed A Glance of Memory, focuses on Johor Bahru, a town founded in 1855 that is rapidly embracing urbanization yet steadfastly holding on to its 19th century roots."The colonial buildings are well maintained even with new and trendy establishments coming up around it" said Jaie.

Her mural depicts a slice of Johor Bahru; a row of shops in a small street. There are road signs to highlight several popular spots in the area, which she says may ignite the desire for others to pay a visit to this charming town. She further explains that the building composition that varies from one to the other captures the hustle and bustle of the city. "It is indeed a busy place that provides you with almost anything; your everyday needs, apparels, sustenance, arts, culture and more - it's a perfect spot for tourists' and explorers alike."
trove johor bahru
Grand Opening Trove Johor Bahru

TROVE X Community

TROVE Johor Bahru will continue to forge collaborations with local artists and innovators, who are inspired by the dynamic culture, art, and cuisine of the locale. TROVE's future plans include collaborations with mixologists, baristas, celebrity chefs, and artisans from various fields.

pic credit : Facebook TROVE Johor Bahru


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